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  1. That's My God
  2. Pull Them From the Fire
  3. In the Valley
  4. They'll Never Take My Jesus
  5. Heaven's Grand Opening
  6. Back on the Wheel
  7. I Was Real (Michaels's Song)
  8. 'Lot of Jesus
  9. Only One
  10. When I'm Cut (She Bleeds)
  1. God's Children
  2. It Was Me
  3. I Should have Led Him to the Lord
  4. Grace Never has Failed Me
  5. Sling That Rock
  6. Children She Don't Know
  7. Light at the End of the Darkness
  8. New Face in Heaven
  9. Stephen's Faith
  10. He Led My Soul Out of Prison
  1. Pray for Me
  2. Shadow of Thy Wings
  3. Touch of the Master's Strong Hand
  4. New Jerusalem (Tree of Life)
  5. Calvary's the Reason Why
  6. Jesus Is
  7. Stand on the Word of God
  8. Following the Man
  9. Eddie's Prayer
  10. We Will All Be the Same
new oil cd front.jpg
  1. Brand New Angel Wings
  2. If I Miss Heaven
  3. Vessel Is Safe
  4. It's Me
  5. Old House
  6. When He Made A Way
  7. Meaning of True Love
  8. Prescripted Addiction
  9. Devil's Lies
  10. Heaven in My Dreams

Stand By Me

The Gift

Help Me

I Met Jesus

Grace Never Has Failed Me

New Oil "Holy Ghost Fire"


The Day that My Sin Died

Every Storm

Suddenly Saved

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